Riaz Jilani: A pioneer bestowing smart mobility in Cargo Transport since 1952


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Riaz Jilani, General Manager, Cargo Transport Systems Co. (CTS)

Today, there’s a growing propensity of experiencing lives connected through networks. Internet of things compels ushering of smart technologies in every stratum of life and business. Inspired by this disruptive trend, transport industry is also entering an all-new exciting age of smart mobility that reduces congestion, and offers a fast-paced, greener, and cheaper transportation options. Such an efficient and well-organized transport system catalysts economic development and increases property values and is always the epicentre of a thriving business unit. Cargo Transport Systems Co. (CTS), Kuwait with its optimized and intelligent transport system has been fulfilling the burgeoning demand for a full-proof, modernized transport system since its inception in 1952. Under the deft leadership of Riaz Jilani, CTS brings before you a smarter, coarse-grained, and holistic transportation network imperative for securing stability in today’s world of trade and commerce. Since the time it forayed into the world of transport business, CTS has been able to champion the highest degree of reliability, security, and excellence in handling a vast range of stevedoring and logistics activities in Kuwait. 

Riaz Jilani, the man behind the staggering success of Cargo Transport Systems (CTS), driven by the spirit of grit, guts, and gumption has been able to place his organization at the highest citadel of success and glory. From port handling to storage and distribution, the entrepreneur has exhibited commendable passion and skill in his business that underpins comprehensive third-party logistics (3PL), port handling, transportation, and stevedoring. Cargo Transport System (CTS), one of the oldest privately-owned business entities in Kuwait, started its operation in 1952, the era that marks the beginning of a complex transportation system. The company embarked upon its journey of cargo transportation as a small transport and trade firm in Kuwait, which gradually blossomed into a full-fledged cargo industry, offering fresh innovations to the existing infrastructure as well as radical new approaches.

CTS has thus been immuned with the technological advances of automation, digitalization, and power, and it is thus ideally suited to function as an extensive yet environmental-friendly transport community of the country. This robust infrastructure has exponentially grown in pace and scale to have emerged, as one of the most reputable diversified business groups all over the world.

Innovation that gratifies vision

The overwhelming success of a business is primarily hinged on its unique and innovative selling proposition. This helps an organization gain an edge over its competitors. At Cargo transport Systems, Riaz Jilani facilitates cost-effective freight systems at all levels, air, sea, rail, and road across a vast network of cities, towns, and countries. In his words, “No matter the cargo or vessel we possess the expertise to manage the operation”. This stands to be the USP of the company. The major services of CTS may be enlisted as follow:

  • Stevedoring: The host of dedicated workers at CTS is well-versed in the technicalities and knowledge required for professional stevedoring. The team applies their engineering prowess and experience while loading, unloading, and stowing all types of cargo across all vessels. Safety and security of the deliverables are of topmost priority for them.
  • 3PL: Third-party logistics (3PL) is devised to provide extensive help to customers in tracking the goods while in transit and at every stage from shipping to delivery. The 3PL solution is highly flexible and adjustable to meet the changing demands of different clients at different localities.
  • Port Handling & Transportation: Cargo Transport Systems with its team of professionals are adept at dealing with every facet of port handling from Pick and pack, product reworking, pallet picking, container de-stuffing, and offloading. The company also provides cargo transportation services throughout Kuwait. Irrespective of the size and volume of your goods, CTS takes responsibility for their storage and redistribution, in an efficient, safe, and secure manner that guarantees a smart and scratch-free shipment.

At CTS, Riaz Jilani adopts cutting-edge technologies in advanced machining, designing, and engineering of heavy-duty containers and transportation. The gamut of services spearheaded by CTS at the international level envisions efficient stevedoring, which minimizes port time, enhances the profitability of the voyage, and ensures the safety of the ship and cargo. Port operation, general transportation, operation and maintenance, container transportation, containers terminal handling, transport supervision and engineering, and transport survey are also included in the company’s exhaustive range of unique services. CTS vows to provide its clients with coherent, best-in-class transport solutions in exporting, importing, distributing, warehousing, and any kind of risky or heavy-duty consignment.

Ethos driving excellence

To quote H.E. Luccock, ‘No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.’ Similarly, a business evolves only when the entire team is motivated to act together, take charge of their work and contribute unitedly to the best interest of the organization. Teamwork has an incredible power to scale up productivity, individual performance, and job satisfaction. As a proficient entrepreneur, Mr. Jilani believes in celebrating collaboration over individual achievement. To keep the collaborative juices flowing, he always believes in appreciating the hard work of his team members and inspires them to bond together.

Being an astute business personality, Riaz Jilani strictly adheres to certain underlying principles that could build a strong workforce needed for the successful culmination of his business ideas into tangible actions. At CTS, Jilani strongly induces the values of respect, mutual support, integrity, and freedom among his team members. As a leader, he reposes faith in fostering the spirit of cooperation and according to him this enhances group solidarity and stimulates the workers’ sense of belonging to the firm, and strengthens their sense of ownership over the job. The work culture at CTS throbs with harmony, resilience, and mutual trust, where the leader treats every worker as his family member and extends support whenever they need it. In the words of the entrepreneur, “I’ve always preferred to establish high standards for behavior and performance, promote achievement, foster cooperation, and make the workplace pleasurable”. At Cargo Transport System, Kuwait, Jilani not only sets a very high standard of productivity; but also ensures that his team is competent enough and adequately trained to handle the complex nature of operations. 

The award-winning leadership style

Master in concept, design, innovation, and deliveries, the credit for this transformational growth of Cargo Transport Systems Kuwait goes to the visionary technocrat and versatile entrepreneur Riaz Jilani. As a successful business architect, this man has been consistently redefining the idea of true leadership that enfolds the idea of three “I’s” within an entrepreneurial framework – insightfulness, integrity, and inclusiveness. At CTS, the leader adopts an open-door policy where every member can approach the management directly, share their thoughts and ideas on various occasions, and put forth their issues and objections straight to the management. The open-door policy gives authority to the employees to make judgments and take decisions on important business matters. For Riaz, leadership is not merely creating a trail of followers behind you; rather it is the art of channelizing your thoughts among the masses thus helping them to build their personalities beyond all limitations. He conducts assessments on work performance, guides and trains his people, delegates power to his workers, and inspires them to lead a team, effectively and efficiently. 

Apart from being an entrepreneur, as the organizational head, Riaz is committed to a plethora of services and has proved his mettle in handling every aspect of his business, from management to administration, sales, and beyond. In the words of this compassionate leader, “The majority of my time as a general manager is spent observing, listening to employees’ feedback of all operational matters, meeting agents/shipping lines, or procuring new business. All the managers and supervisors report directly to me”. He draws up strategic plans and put them into action through a harmonious conglomeration of men, materials, and money while keeping an eye on the facility’s basic health and safety standards. He ensures efficiency in managing the complex nature of his business; focuses on addressing the discerning needs of every client, creating new income sources, managing new and existing clients, supervising daily operations, organizing and utilizing the best of resources, and maintaining internal and external connections with his teams, vendors, and clients. Mr. Jilani has always stressed unwavering ethics and loyalty to his mission, which has helped him and CTS to achieve the global standard and maintain a healthy and substantial portfolio.

Flagship achievements:

Backed by decades of experience and expertise, Riaz has steered Cargo Transport Systems (CTS), Kuwait as the pioneer in setting up the toughest projects and infrastructure in the country including heavy-duty machinery and equipment transportation. Under his astute leadership, CTS has been recognized as the frontline transport company that has successfully bagged some major contracts dealing with complicated projects. The remarkable feats gaining the captain’s perk include contracts for the transportation of Water Desalination Plant equipment, shipment of electricity power station equipment, the transportation of refinery modules for the AlAhmadi Port Remodernization Project, and undertaking the locomotion works at Shuwaikh Port. The successful handling of the S&RTS & 3PL contract for the US military operations at Shuaiba port has added another feather to its cap.

The way ahead

CTS Kuwait carries the hallmark of trustworthiness, efficacy, and standards while transporting goods across different parts of the world. Throughout its journey spanning over 70 years, the company has built a legacy that is strongly rooted in entrepreneurship, efficiency, and excellence. Cargo Transport Systems exemplifies unmatchable timeliness, security, and cost-effective transportation of bulky and difficult assignments. By dint of his hard work, fortitude, and indomitable willpower Jilani has been able to unleash a glorious future for CTS. Being a client-centric entity, CTS has always strived towards offering a world-class service to its customers, which has always placed them ahead of time and competitors. While unfolding his future roadmap, the entrepreneur proudly announces their ongoing projects and speaks with much conviction about the new projects in the pipeline, “Since 1952, CTS has served as the official stevedoring contractor for the KPA, and it hopes to continue doing so for the foreseeable future”. He further adds, “Since 2000, CTS has provided stevedoring services for US military activities at Shuaiba Port and hopes to continue”. As the saga of good work continues, Riaz is pretty much confident and determined in building a stronger and better workspace to secure a future of being the most acclaimed transport company in the world, which at every stage leverages the best resources to stimulate the economic growth and prosperity of its nation.

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