Breakthrough Achievement: Sharjah Private Education Authority Announces Results of ‘Itqan’ Programme


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Itqan Programme Results Sharjah

The Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA) has released the outcomes of its second edition of the ‘Itqan‘ programme, marking a significant milestone in enhancing private school education across the Emirate.

Results and Goals of Itqan Programme

The SPEA recently announced the results of the second edition of its Itqan programme for the academic year 2023-2024, demonstrating its commitment to improving the quality of education in Sharjah’s private schools. The programme aims to achieve the authority’s vision of excellence in education.

Evaluation and Performance

The Itqan programme evaluated the performance of 63 private schools in Sharjah, representing 9 different curricula, out of a total of 129 private schools in the Emirate. This comprehensive assessment included 78,638 students, focusing on enhancing educational standards and outcomes.

Significant Improvement

The results of the ‘Itqan’ programme revealed a remarkable improvement in school performance, with some institutions achieving up to an 80% enhancement compared to previous evaluations conducted in 2018 and 2019. This improvement underscores the effectiveness of targeted educational initiatives in raising standards across private schools.

Impact on Students

According to the programme’s outcomes, approximately 145,042 students out of 189,592, which accounts for 76% of private school students in Sharjah, now receive a “good” or better education. This achievement reflects the positive impact of the ‘Itqan’ programme on the overall educational landscape in the Emirate.

Implementation and Timeline

Implemented throughout the academic year from January to March, the ‘Itqan’ programme has been instrumental in driving continuous development and excellence in private school education. The structured approach has ensured systematic evaluation and improvement initiatives across participating schools.

Chairperson’s Statement

Muhadditha Al Hashimi, Chairperson of the SPEA, expressed pride in the programme’s results, highlighting the ongoing evolution and enhancement of the education process in Sharjah’s private schools. The positive outcomes reaffirm the authority’s dedication to fostering a supportive and progressive educational environment.

The announcement of the ‘Itqan’ programme results by the Sharjah Private Education Authority signifies a significant achievement in advancing educational quality across private schools in the Emirate. With substantial improvements observed and a strong commitment to continuous development, Sharjah continues to pave the way for educational excellence.

Source: Sharjah Private Education Authority

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