Tarek El Sayed: Trailblazing his way through growth and leadership


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Tarek El Sayed, CEO, Al Rayyan Tourism Investment Company. (ARTIC)

A melting point of cultural diversity, scrumptious cuisines, and ethnicity, Qatar is an ideal place for global trotters and explorers. The country offers to fulfill your dream of exploring peerless beauty amidst architectural marvels, burgeoning arts, shining beaches, and majestic dunes. A hub of travel enthusiasts, the city takes pride in its ever-growing hospitality industry.

Al Rayyan Tourism Investment Co. (ARTIC), the flagship hospitality company of Qatar, with its spectacular initiatives, is all set to redefine the country’s luxurious hospitality architecture and presentations setting benchmarks in global hospitality. Spearheaded by its CEO and MD, Tarek El Sayed, the company has set a new benchmark in Global Hospitality and Tourism industry. With his dogged determination and extraordinary business outlook, Mr. Tarek has created a landmark in the history of the Hotel and Hospitality industry. Today, we are much inspired to take a tour into the life and journey of this inspiring entrepreneur, who chose to lead by example.

The vibrant city of Doha inspired a young and ambitious entrepreneur, to embark on a remarkable journey that could assign a definite purpose to his life and shape the course of his career. It is this pursuit of passion, that established Mr. Tarek El Sayed, as an undisputed leader in the genre of property business. Sworn in as a finance professional at the start of his career, Mr. Tarek had the privilege to work with the leading audit and consulting firms of the world, where he honed skills in diverse portfolios. In 2001, Mr. Tarek joined Al Faisal Holding, a prominent conglomerate in Qatar. Here, his career would take a decisive turn.

As Group CFO of Al Faisal Holding, Mr. Tarek played a pivotal role in the company’s expansion into the hospitality sector. Recognizing the immense potential of the tourism industry, he pioneered the establishment of Al Faisal Holding’s subsidiary, ARTIC (Al Rayyan Tourism Investment Co.), in 2003. From the outset, Mr. Tarek held a deep understanding of ARTIC’s vision and goals, as well as the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead.

It was under the Founder and Chairman’s vision, HE Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim Al Thani and Mr. Tarek’s astute leadership, that ARTIC experienced remarkable growth and expansion. The company swiftly rose to prominence as a leading hospitality investment firm holding a unique portfolio of work across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Europe, and the United States. Tarek’s strategic vision and business acumen led ARTIC to secure a strong position in the global arena.

As a testament to his exceptional leadership skills and unwavering dedication to service, Mr. Tarek was promoted to the office of CEO at ARTIC, in 2017. Before his tenure at ARTIC, he had also served as the CEO and Managing Director of Aamal Company Q.P.S.C., a prominent diversified group in the region. His responsibility there gained him a deeper insight into governance, risk assessment, and financial management of the company, which enriched his experience to a great extent and helped him to perform his role better as the CEO of ARTIC.

Meeting the right USP

Amongst so many attributes that contribute to a leader’s success, some notable faculties set him apart from the competitors. Mr. Tarek’s journey as an entrepreneur and CEO is marked by several key factors that kept his organization ahead of the curve. The entrepreneur’s diversification strategy in terms of geography and business allowed him to spread investments across different markets and revenue streams. With a portfolio encompassing hospitality, leisure, and retail, ARTIC deftly balanced risks and optimized returns in an ever-changing market. The diversified portfolio of ARTIC allowed Mr. Tarek to strengthen its presence in the countries like the Middle East and North Africa, as well as in Europe and the United States.

Moreover, ARTIC’s strong relationships with the world’s leading hospitality operators gave them a competitive edge. Their reputation as a market leader, coupled with high-quality properties, attracted the best hotel brands, fueling revenue growth and expanding their market share.

Being a sagacious leader, Mr. Tarek could understand the value of the ongoing investment in maintaining the highest standards in ARTIC’s portfolio. By consistently enhancing their assets and driving operational efficiency, the CEO ensures that the market value of their properties remains intact. The CEO’s commitment to excellence allows ARTIC to outlive its competitors and deliver value to stakeholders.

Profitability underlying sustainability

Working in tandem with the Qatar’s 2030 mission of protecting the environment, Mr. Tarek is heading his way to developing a sustainable goal. The strategic investment approach of ARTIC is aligned with his long-term goals of enhancing profitability with sustainability. By promoting sustainable practices within the hospitality industry, Mr. Tarek paves the way towards building a futuristic society where profitability coexists with environmental responsibility. Being an eco-conscious business leader, Mr. Tarek prioritizes sustainability as their core principle. At ARTIC, the CEO implemented a range of breakthrough initiatives, including the development of a sustainability plan, investment in sustainable technologies, and collaboration with suppliers, who work under the purview of environment safety plans.

The inside-culture

Fostering a positive work culture within the organizational framework lies at the heart of Mr. Tarek’s exemplary leadership style. He strongly believes in creating an environment that could nurture innovation and unleash creativity at all levels. Through open communication, employee development programs, recognition of achievements, and collaboration, the leader ensures that the employees at ARTIC are motivated and engaged to drive growth while following in their leader’s footsteps. This approach not only empowered the workforce but, also contributed to the company’s veritable success.

Sharing nuggets

Being the topline executive of a globally reputed Hospitality company, Mr. Tarek M. El Sayed shares some invaluable lessons that have shaped his journey as an entrepreneur. Mr. Tarek, emphasizes the importance of having a clear personal vision that propels one to the right direction. The leader talks about mastering skills, to achieve targets. Mr. Tarek highlights effective communication, emotional intelligence, and the ability to inspire and motivate others to be the bottom line of successful leadership.

Furthermore, the CEO stressed the significance of building a strong network of peers, mentors, and industry contacts. Networking provides invaluable insights, advice, and potential business opportunities. He also emphasized the importance of continued skill development, embracing challenges with a growth mindset, and learning from failures and mistakes to build resilience. “It is very important to focus on creating value for stakeholders, including customers, employees, suppliers, and shareholders. This can best be achieved by prioritizing customer satisfaction, investing in employees, and delivering strong financial performance”, asserts the leader.

Future roadmap

Looking forward to the glimmering prospect of ARTIC, Mr. Tarek envisions growth and expansion while adding value to his stakeholders. As their upcoming projects, the company aims to expand its domain and enter new markets, where he encompasses 50 hotels in the medium term.

The leader follows a comprehensive strategy and brings forth innovative projects, periodically reviewed to ensure alignment with evolving market conditions. Through his utmost devotion to duty, relentless passion and unflinching faith in purpose, Mr. Tarek El Sayed has created a series of milestones in his career and firmly placed ARTIC on the highest pedestal of success and glory.

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