Technologies for SMEs that promote efficiency


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One of the great challenges faced by small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) is to find a balance between reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency. For carriers to consider productivity as a competitive advantage, management technology for SMEs can help.

 To extract the best results at each stage of the operations flow, the automation of processes is a trend for this market. That is, using technological resources that streamline processes allows not only a greater performance to retain customers, but also generates profitability to go in search of new business. 

In this way, it is possible to reduce surplus expenses, eliminate bottlenecks, and extract concrete information that helps in decision-making. But after all, what technologies can solve these issues in an efficient and integrated way? This is what you will understand in this article. Keep reading!

Technologies for SMEs

Check out our list of the technologies that are most revolutionizing and bringing efficiency to SMEs.


One of the most revolutionary technologies on this list and which has become well known due to the growth of Bitcoin. Blockchain, a technology created to end third-party intermediation in a transaction. It is a decentralized way of sharing and storing information. Blockchain is already considered by many experts as a technological market trend. For SMEs, Blockchain can bring more security to business data, processes, and transactions. Company information can be stored in a 100% secure and unalterable way. Currently, companies from different niches are already using Blockchain, as brokers, insurance companies, consultancies, logistics, and food companies.

Internet of Things (IoT)

 Internet of Things refers to a technological concept where there is a huge network of devices connected and talking to each other over the internet. Some examples of the use of the Internet of Things in our daily lives are in lamps in the house that can be controlled by using your cell phone, the air conditioning that is activated 5 minutes before the individual arrives home, and so on. 

This technology in SMEs can be used in several ways to bring efficiency, mobility, and productivity to different business processes. The technology can be applied to simplify production chains, get to know your customer better, and even manage energy consumption.

Help Desk Platforms 

A help desk platform can be described as a customer service tool, where one of the main functions is to be omnichannel, that is, to centralize the services of various communication channels, such as chatbots, social networks, telephone, and e-mail. 

This technology can be used for SMEs that seek to develop or make the service and communication processes more assertive and efficient. Through the tool it is possible to perform a better administration of the team of attendants with customers, prioritizing and optimizing the flow of service and organizing the contact queue. Besides, the platform has the function of controlling and storing data related to interaction with customers. In this way, detailed reports are generated that facilitates the measurement of results.


Based on this information, it is clear how the benefits of technology contribute to efficient management. Therefore, modernization is a requirement for the growth of any business. Investing in this area is essential to keep your enterprise always ahead of the competition.

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