The importance of keeping a happy and motivated team


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A happy worker can yield many results. A motivated staff is the product of a sum of different factors and provisions granted by the employer such as good remuneration, additional benefits to those of the law, flexibility, the possibility of growth, and a good work environment, among other elements. 

A happy work team is an essential key for companies. When the collaborators put on the shirt and are happy in their area, then everyone works for the same goal, synergy is generated in the team, achieving extraordinary things. 

One of the main reasons why professionals leave their jobs is precisely discomfort, they are not entirely happy with their work activities or the environment they live in day today. Besides, it is important to respect the schedules, remember that we all have a personal life to attend to, but this does not mean neglecting your responsibilities.

Therefore, here we have prepared a list of things that you can take into account to keep a happy and motivated work team and that helps generate great results within your company.

Create a pleasant atmosphere 

Building a fun and collaborative environment keep the team happy and motivated when carrying out their activities. Space is important, but it is better to generate enough trust so that anyone can present an idea without fear. To achieve this, your Human Resources team can carry out integration and union dynamics between the team, so everyone will have the opportunity to develop new knowledge and skills. Respect must be considered a fundamental value in your organization, led by example, and at all times be respectful regardless of the circumstance. It’s a good start to building empathy and trust in the team.

Keep an open communication channel

Meetings are excellent opportunities to align needs and expectations and are also a time when employees already know that they will be able to share their experiences, difficulties and collect ideas on how to solve certain problems. Therefore, it is recommendable to hold meetings periodically Demand the participation of all team members, so that individual idea are exposed and discussed in groups. These meetings should be held, among other reasons, as a way to keep the team motivated. In meetings, it is convenient to: 

  • Identify failures
  • Expose new tasks 
  • Present results

Professional development options 

The career plan and growth opportunities are essential for your collaborators. Knowing that in the medium term they can grow professionally is a very attractive incentive to carry out their work with sufficient motivation. Make sure you keep all your promises. Choose skills development alternatives such as workshops, diplomas, or courses that are interesting and help to improve their daily work and that give them tools to prepare for a better position.

Continuous training 

Like the previous point, regardless of the position your employees play, it is essential that they feel happy with their role within the company. Continuous training will help them learn how to be more productive and how they can improve their skills in the field in which their work or position is focused. Ask him if he’s happy with what he’s doing and what you could do to provide him with training, or where he can be the best in the organization.

Flexible policies 

When work is flexible, it is proven that you can achieve greater productivity, in addition to generating happy and committed employees. Personally, talk with your collaborators and get to know their situation. This approach will allow you to obtain valuable information to motivate your work team, providing flexibility, where they most appreciate it, adapting it to what each one needs, either during work hours, rest days, activities, days, tastes, and family situation.


Motivation at work is a consequence of good management carried out by a competent leader. Our tips on how to keep your team motivated help, but with your soft leadership skills, you are the best person to understand what your employees need and what will make them shine.

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