The importance of trust in the organizations


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For the survival of a company in such a competitive market, trust between employees is essential.  It is one of the best ways to increase productivity, with a reliable and friction-free environment. But, unfortunately, around 75% of the world’s organizations have a culture of low trust, according to the LRN firm. 

In the corporate world, leaders and followers need to establish a relationship of trust for work to flow. Without this element, the relationship becomes almost unsustainable. Managers and leaders are responsible for what they provide and encourage within a company regarding the relationship of their employees, establishing ties between them. 

When trust is achieved, the company reaps the benefits with better results, a high organizational climate, goals achieved, and teams that are united, motivated, and engaged. For you to know and put into practice, in this article, we will explain how the relationship of trust at work is essential for the growth of people within organizations and how the leader must act for this process to be effective.

Importance of trust in the work environment 

Trust goes far beyond delegating responsibility. It is also related to believing in the other and making sure that it is possible to count on him in good and bad times. In a professional environment, trust generates a sense of belonging and brings people together. This is because it can create a link between employees when everyone knows they are in the same boat and can ask for help when needed. 

Besides, the trust will influence the success and growth of the business. When your team trusts the company’s history, its values, and the leaders, then they work more dedicatedly because they trust that they will be recognized at the right time.

Tips for building trust

Listen to your team members

A leader cannot permanently dominate the conversation or speak only to give orders and then run to take refuge in a comfort zone such as his office, without listening to the opinions of his employees. A leader, to build trust, must have the ability to listen by establishing an open dialogue. Employees want to be heard, and the best way is to ask them questions and ask for their opinion so they can express their ideas and concerns. 

However, it is not only about listening to what your work team says, you have to take action to solve the problems that arise. And all of this behavior shows that you are open to change and genuinely interested in everyone’s well-being.

Demonstrate fairness and justice while making decisions 

Are you a leader and want to build trust in your work team? Then, it’s time to show fairness and justice in your actions. Leadership that promotes justice and balance gives each employee according to their merits and needs what corresponds to them. 

Similarly, a leader should be equitable in his decisions, since he takes into consideration the consequences that they will have on his collaborators. On the other hand, the fair leader treats all team members equally, no matter what professional or personal affinities they may have. 

Therefore, it is essential to establish clear rules, responsibilities, and roles. Thus, each member of the work team will align with the organization’s objectives and will collectively proceed to meet them.

Be transparent and truthful towards your employees

Share as much as you can about the current situation and future goals of the company. If you don’t, you will find yourself constantly battling rumors. If there is an information gap, employees will fill it and will always fill it with negative information. 

Obviously, there is some data that you cannot share, but regular communication of information (such as financial results, performance measurements, and notes from board meetings) shows that you trust your employees, which in turn goes to generate trust towards the company.

Wrapping Up

To conclude, you can find several recipes proposed by different people to increase productivity, being a daily concern of organizations. However, the value that each organization and each leader must have is to foster trust with a solid foundation between the leader and the team members. Thus to build trust, it is essential to frequently check how communication happens in your work environment and if it can be improved in any way. In the end, improving communication will always improve the process.

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