The Ola Doudin Story: From Accidental Entrepreneur to Middle East Bitcoin Pioneer


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The use of cryptocurrencies in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is rapidly expanding, and platforms such as BitOasis are assisting more people in using cryptocurrencies, and there is a lot more buying and selling. Significant rule changes, such as BitOasis receiving a special license from Dubai’s Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority in 2023, are making a significant difference, resulting in a new and promising financial situation. One person stands out in this active world of cryptocurrencies: Ola Doudin, co-founder and CEO of BitOasis, which has become well-known in homes across the MENA region. Her journey reflects a deep commitment to challenging traditional financial norms, and she was dubbed the “Bitcoin Pioneer” in the Middle East.

Ola Doudin was born and raised in Jordan, where she began her career as a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency industry. She initially expressed an interest in technology and engineering, laying the groundwork for her future endeavours. After completing her early education in Jordan, she pursued higher studies in the United Kingdom, earning a degree in engineering. She found herself at a crossroads when her passion for innovation collided with her dissatisfaction with corporate norms. She left her position as an IT risk advisor at Ernst & Young in London to pursue entrepreneurial endeavours with Aramex founder Fadi Ghandour. This was the start of her adventure into the world of startups and fintech. Her interest in Bitcoin and the potential of crypto assets grew as she researched various payment models. BitOasis was founded after meeting fellow enthusiast Daniel Robenek at an informal gathering in Dubai. What began as a side project in 2015 has grown into the Middle East’s largest regional digital asset platform.

BitOasis: Exploring the Cryptocurrency Landscape

BitOasis, which began as a “minimum viable product,” has evolved dramatically. Beginning with Bitcoin, the platform has grown to include trading in over 40 digital currencies. The company’s success is undeniable, with a trading volume of over $5 billion and 700,000 user signups since its inception. BitOasis has expanded its cryptocurrency offerings while also accommodating institutional investors, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to meeting a wide range of user needs. Collaborations with global payment solution providers, such as, complement its adaptability and contribute to its impressive growth trajectory. The incorporation of more than 20 tokens in 2021 alone demonstrates the company’s commitment to innovation. BitOasis’ unwavering focus on user-friendly features and continuous expansion not only attracts new investors but also cultivates a loyal user base, cementing its position as a dependable and evolving player in the volatile cryptocurrency landscape.

Future Aspirations and Global Expansion

As global cryptocurrency giants such as Binance make inroads into the Middle East, Ola Doudin expresses confidence in BitOasis’s position. With a significant $30 million Series B funding in hand, the company sees an expansive future, targeting emerging markets in Mena, Pakistan, Turkey, Africa, and Asia over the next five years. This strategic expansion is in line with BitOasis’ overarching vision of exploring the potential of diverse markets while leveraging its substantial financial backing to establish a strong presence and contribute to the global growth of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. BitOasis’ proactive stance cements its position as a key player, ready to navigate and thrive in the volatile evolution of the crypto industry. 

Her business philosophy is based on the belief that cryptocurrency can reshape transactions, savings, investments, and our understanding of money. Despite the inherent risks of launching BitOasis in 2015, she continues to embrace risk, making BitOasis a significant global player. This audacious strategy demonstrates her commitment to leading change in traditional financial paradigms, with BitOasis aiming to not only navigate but actively shape the global cryptocurrency industry’s future landscape. Her visionary perspective solidifies BitOasis as a transformative force, contributing to the global adoption and evolution of digital assets.

The Crypto Industry’s Success and Growth

Sharing insights from her entrepreneurial journey, Doudin imparts wisdom to aspiring entrepreneurs, advocating for resilience, self-belief, and proactivity in a rapidly evolving industry. She emphasizes, based on personal experience, that setbacks are growth opportunities. She envisions BitOasis as a major global player in the cryptocurrency space, highlighting the company’s success, focus on emerging markets, and commitment to compliance, paving the way for an exciting future. She emphasizes responsible growth and adherence to regulatory frameworks as BitOasis navigates the evolving crypto landscape, ensuring the company thrives while positively contributing to the broader global financial ecosystem. This forward-thinking approach positions BitOasis and Doudin as influential contributors to the cryptocurrency industry’s transformative journey.


“If you work hard, if you’re dedicated, and if you believe in what you’re doing, people will believe in you—it works.”

-Ola Doudin-

“The investment will allow us to sharpen our focus on expanding our geographic footprint and bringing our services to more markets.”

-Ola Doudin-

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