Tips to reinvent your digital marketing strategies post-crisis


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It has been more than three months; we are continuously talking about the Covid-19 crisis and the pandemic that has trapped us at home. Although little by little, we are resuming our daily life, the truth is that everything has changed, and nothing will be the same as before COVID-19. In a few months, consumption habits have changed completely. Therefore, now more than ever, re-invent is one of the phrases that we must keep in mind at this time.

Given the isolation measures and the quarantine status of the Coronavirus, people are more connected and much more interested in brands that offer their services and products in the digital sphere.  And this is where digital marketing has become one of the essential aspects of the business. 

Thus, at this delicate time, the most important thing for companies is to find ways to minimize losses and long-term effects. Digital Marketing in times of crisis can help companies improve their digital strategies to position themselves better and thus generate more sales or provide more services, not only now, but also in the future. Do you want to know how?

Below, we will share some of the strategies you can undertake to overcome this circumstance and move on. Continue reading.

Effective digital marketing strategies during and after crisis

Bet on content marketing

Content marketing invests mainly in educating the public throughout the purchasing process. Through this type of marketing, the focus is on engagement and expansion of the network. The advantage of this strategy is that it focuses on segmentation – that is, investing in potential customers, increasing the chances of successful sales. All of this, through the creation and promotion of relevant and strategically planned content, aimed at making decisions. 

Besides, the company generates relationships with customers and consolidates its name in the market. It is worth remembering that more and more the beginning of the purchase begins on the internet – either looking for information or researching a product directly. Therefore, captivating customers from the first moments increases the chances of conversion.


Another point that you have to take into account is SEO, also known as search engine optimization. It is always good that your Website is in the first places of the search engines so that organic traffic is gradually improving. However, in times of crisis, this becomes essential.

 In times like this, your brand must be positioned well in searches so that consumers always keep you in mind. Some crises like this can force people to stay at home, and this becomes a great opportunity to improve your digital presence since many consumers will use technology platforms more than usual.

Invest in remarketing advertising 

Creating campaigns is a great strategy to sell more, as they can be planned for different stages of the purchase. Have you thought about presenting an offer to a person who has already shown an interest in buying? 

This is the proposal for remarketing, which presents ads according to the interest of searches. But you can also bet on consumers more distant from the purchase. Besides, campaigns can be carried out on social networks, such as Facebook, a compelling platform that allows a high degree of segmentation. In other words, this method will give you much more positive results and with low investment.

Marketing in social networks

There are several reasons to do digital marketing in times of crisis through social networks since these channels are the central meeting point between brands and their consumers.They play a critical role in the interaction between companies and customers and are currently the most active channel for the dissemination of information about COVID-19.

But, much more than a meeting and dissemination environment, social networks are places to generate new business, to further address and understand the needs of the audience, to accompany competitors and understand how the market moves, and much more. 

The Social Media field is full of channels with enormous potential for brands that want visibility, and having relevant action for the audience is essential. For this, it is possible to use social selling techniques to observe and capture relevant information about the public and offer personalized content according to their preferences through hypersegmentation, such as targeted ads on Instagram, Linkedin, and Facebook.

Furthermore, social media also serves as a source of traffic when combined with other digital marketing strategies, taking users to commercial pages. This includes: blog posts, landing pages, virtual shops, etc.

Focusing on your clients

It is clear that these strategies must change and adapt to the current situation, but the first thing is to focus on customers. The main objective of marketing is to know the target audiences well and adequately satisfy their needs in these times of uncertainty. It is essential to listen to the target population and know what their concerns are. Depending on the responses obtained, changes can be made in the old digital marketing strategies. 

When talking about clients, it is essential to mention that in times of crisis it is advisable to focus on current clients and not so much on potential ones, although there will always be the possibility that great strategies will result in an increase in the number of clients. However, as mentioned above, it is essential to seek the loyalty of the current ones and understand them appropriately.


It is clear that the period we are currently experiencing is affecting your business: demand is changing because users are changing their consumption habits. In the end, the best advice we could give you is to prepare for the resumption of activity for the next few weeks, by developing your digital marketing plan. Because your targets are currently consuming more content and are more inclined to listen, a shift towards generation strategies seems relevant in this COVID-19 crisis period. Also, stay optimistic (this crisis is temporary!) And work on your notoriety by enhancing the relationship of your company with its community over time. And, your efforts will pay off soon.

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