Types of content to include in your marketing strategy in 2021


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2020 has been a complicated year that took everyone by surprise. In recent months, strategies had to adapt to overcome the crisis caused by the Coronavirus. These changes affected all companies and customers. So they will stick around for a long time. For instance, the increase in the use of virtual reality and voice search. Besides, content trends have already started to gain space. For next year, the use of these technologies within content marketing will intensify. 

These are some of the trends that we will see in the coming months: 

  • As we just mentioned, voice searches will be much more relevant, so the content must be optimized for these queries. It means using more exact, long-tail keywords that we are used to using. 
  • There will be a more visual focus on the content.
  • It is not new; it is proven that the visual is more attractive and easier to understand. Users expect greater transparency from companies. Therefore you must demonstrate their values ​​through content.

What content to include in your marketing strategy in 2021 

Content marketing is much more than the formats that are used, but they are undoubtedly a big part. If you are preparing your strategy for the next year, you have to think about these types of publications:


The podcasts are like radio programs recorded and shared with the public via the Internet. 

This is a format that has become quite popular in recent years. By the way, maybe you’ve already heard of the Stupid Nerd, Bairesmac, Byte podcasts. Podcasts are interesting for discussing topics and conducting interviews with relevant personalities from your thematic universe. The public can hear it at the time they prefer and without jeopardizing the performance of other activities.


Many marketers prefer this type of visual content that is shared and is liked 3 times more than any other visual material available. Infographics are an information tool that compresses a large amount of information in a single medium. It simplifies what the whole article is about. Apart from images, it is loaded with texts, graphics, etc. to give you a clearer idea of ​​what the topic is all about. 

Here are some reasons why this type of visual content is important: 

  • Makes the information more attractive 
  • Show valuable ideas 
  • Attracts attention 
  • It is easier to understand
  • It’s less boring 
  • Arouses one’s interest 
  • Accessible 
  • Persuasive 
  • Memorable
  • You can easily transmit the information


Memes are similar to dating posts, with the difference that they are satirical imitations of news, events, among other things, and their main objective is to make their content viral. They are created to be a humorous and often sarcastic representation of current issues that are trending around the world. Memes can also come in the form of videos, songs, and jokes.

 If you want to break the monotony of the tone of your post with a comic respite, then inserting a meme would be a good idea. Readers often share memes on various social media platforms.


One option may be to download content from your blog in the form of an e-book. You can even create several if you group your posts by a theme to offer more segmentation to the reader. E-books are the most shared types of content on the internet. A very important part of this content marketing tactic is promotion, it is not worth simply having the content published on the website, and you have to promote it as well. 

The promotion strategy can include emailing to a user database, social media posts, a company blog post, or designing a widget to include it on the website with an interesting call to action so that people are motivated and want to download it.


Content marketing is a very useful tool for your business, especially when you are just starting and want to create a credible online presence. Use this to your advantage. And great writing becomes more viral when you add strategically placed visuals to your post.

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