What is and how to properly implement digital workspace in your company


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The situation caused by the spread of Covid-19 has forced us to approach new concepts and solutions in the workplace. Questions such as: what is Digital Workplace for companies, how to implement it, or in what ways should we involve workers may be familiar to you. 

The digital transformation of companies was incipient in some cases and consecrated in a few others. But it is easy to see that this new context of global health emergency has precipitated the process. We live in a time full of changes. The main one is social distancing, which we have to maintain in all areas of our life, even at work. In the workplace, this entire new situation has resulted in the consecration of teleworking as the best alternative to move forward.

What is a Digital Workspace? 

All the first ideas that come to mind when thinking about a digital workspace are based on the infrastructure: an office with the latest generation computers, robots for repetitive tasks, and even the use of holograms in presentations instead of slides. Wait one moment. 

Let’s simplify. A digital workspace can only happen by adding the agility, security, and productivity that comes from technology in the employees’ experience because before any device, they are the ones that will transform the work environment. 

What does that mean, then? See what happens today: 

  • Video conference 
  • Home office
  • Universalization of devices 
  • Collaboration and data sharing 
  • Virtualization 100%. 

For the first time in history, we have five generations working side by side; all of them are very different and need technologies that adapt to their new working models.

The workforce of the future 

With each passing day, skills such as creativity and innovation are requirements that interest managers, as you have reached a moment where repetitive work can be automated, giving space to the ambition to face the competition with innovative ideas. To achieve success, the team must balance high engagement with the intelligent use of tools – technological means that multiply the productivity of work. 

The major challenges involving the workforce workspace in the virtual environment today is the huge amount of applications, logins, data, and complicated access systems that undermine, delay and demotivate employees in performing tasks at the virtual level. Good results, financial or team, are based on collaboration and productivity. Unfortunately, when your employee spends more than two hours performing a digital process having problems with his system or computer, his level of commitment goes down considerably, creating a culture of I am here only for the salary. 

The workforce of the future is one that wants to innovate in the area it exercises, wants to create new strategies for the customer experience, wants to be able to access where and when it wants in its projects, and, finally, to be recognized within the company. He wants to change the world. But then how do you do it when the working environment still shackles you in the traditional model?

First, the digital workspace must make sense in the employees’ routine, so that they are productive and innovative. What should be improved and what should be maintained in your company’s infrastructure? That should always be the question – individual for each scenario.

Now, we are going to present some solutions that create a smart and practical digital workspace. 

Improve the employee experience before the customer 

A waiter can only serve his customers well if he has a tray that supports the job. How to give the best attention to customers when the employees themselves do not have the means? Prioritize an agile, intelligent, and mobile infrastructure to stop failures and increase everyone’s productivity. 

For this virtual office, it is necessary to centralize access in the company’s application and data system. The use of SaaS (Software as a Service) is a way to keep all the information of a company in a single system, giving dynamism and flexibility to employees, as well as access to the system wherever and whenever they want.

Integrate devices: free your employees and innovate in communication

Imagine the need to always be in front of a notebook to perform a task. This is no longer accurate. By integrating devices, from smartphones to tablets, employees can complete their work while inside the office in the comfort of their sofa. 

For this, enable the choice of a work tool, like a digital self-service, and this work model makes traditional ways of sharing in unified communication, that is, the union of several users in a single interface. In this way, it becomes faster and safer to manage all devices on the network.

Don’t forget security 

In the digital workspace, security must remain a priority. The technologies mentioned add security, for example, the control of calls in an internal universal communication system and promoting prevention, monitoring, detection, and instant removal of threats in the company’s virtual environment. When the IT team has allies to face malware, the company’s digital space has much more confidence to perform tasks and less risk of suffering breakdowns that influence the reputation of the business.


It may seem overwhelming to employ the latest productivity solutions at first, but once the latest solutions are in place, the digital workspace will become highly productive and allow the business to be competitive.

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