Afraid of Public Speaking? Tips for doing it well


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Do you also experience a strange trembling when you are standing on a stage, ready to give a speech? Do you feel that you are forgetting your lines or losing the audience? Well, you are not alone. Many people struggle with the fear of public speaking, It is a common fear that most people experience, The thought of speaking to a lot of people and making a mistake makes us scared, but it is not something that cannot be solved, With practice and some helpful advice, you can improve your abilities and become a more confident and successful speaker 

In this article, we will explore some pointers to help you conquer your Fear of public speaking and Overcoming stage fright

Recognizing the Fear

Before diving into finding the measures, let’s look at the root cause of fear. Why does it occur in the first place?

Because it involves placing oneself in a vulnerable position, People usually lack public speaking skills, And it almost always causes anxiety. People feel anxious, and various thoughts emerge in their minds, like fear of being judged or making errors while trying to say something. Individuals often doubt their abilities and ask themselves, Am I smart enough? Do I have knowledge of the particular topic? These types of questions do the opposite of boosting self-confidence and make the individual anxious. 

Actively prepare yourself

Prepare yourself thoroughly before going on stage, the more you know about the topic, the more confidently you’ll be able to speak. Conduct effective research on the topic and produce a good presentation of it. 

Try to be clear with your speech and organize your thoughts into a good introduction, body, and conclusion, which will engage the listeners in the speech. Also, try to practice your speech several times. Practice in front of the mirror or ask your family or friends to help you out; this will help you deliver a clear speech. 

Body language 

Body language is one of the vital elements that play a role in giving a good speech. Apart from your clear speech, people also notice your body language, which says a lot about you. Enhance your body language by making eye contact, applying gestures, and standing firmly.

Try changing your tone and tempo while giving the speech, as a dull tone makes it uninteresting, and dynamic speech captures the attention of the audience.

Understand the audience 

It is very important to know the audience that you are dealing with, Try to understand what they expect and make your speech relevant to their needs. Make sure that you deliver something that they can relate to. 

Engage the audience while giving a speech or presentation Ask them questions, make eye contact, and try to engage them; this will result in a more dynamic outcome. 

Managing the anxiety 

According to a recent survey, about 75% of people feel anxious and have a Fear of public speaking. It is very common, and in order to manage the anxiety, some exercise might help, like taking deep breaths to control your nerves. Inhale softly through your nose and exhale through your mouth; this has proven to calm an individual down. 

Another technique is to hope for the best, believe in yourself, and try to visualize the speech going well and receiving good feedback. This positive image will help you feel confident. 

Request feedback and learn from others 

Request to get feedback from people you find trustworthy, like your parents, friends, and family, and try to ask the audience as well, as constructive criticism can help you improve your abilities.

Another tip to improve Public speaking skills is to learn from others Search online for the best public speakers and try to emulate how they speak. Take down notes and important points, which will help you with smooth delivery. 


Almost half of people are not so good with Public speaking techniques 

It is usually a problem that most people are anxious about. 

But with the above strategies and tips, it is something that can be mastered, Dont forget that Public speaking skills

Is something that is only mastered with lots of practice and patience, Remember that every successful speaker was once an amateur, and if they can do it, you can too; you just need a lot of practice and self-confidence in your abilities.

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