Best business ideas to undertake from home


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Far from buildings and large open spaces, there are home businesses. These are, as the name suggests, companies where you work from the comfort of your home or apartment. In other words, you are telecommuting full time. The Internet makes it possible to do a lot of things from home, including work. 

Generally, working from home is a luxury for self-employed workers, even if the notion of luxury is relative. Working from home is, above all, a way to save money by avoiding investing in offices. But suddenly, a home-based business also involves working alone and therefore starting your business solo as well. Of course, working from home represents some constraints since some jobs do not lend themselves to a sedentary lifestyle at all. 

So, before launching it, you have to choose your field of activity. Here are some tips to start your business and choose your area of ​​expertise.

Generate online content

Digital marketing continues to grow year after year, and therefore more and more people are interested in creating a blog to start monetizing it. Without a doubt, this is one of the most lucrative home businesses that you can start during this pandemic, but you will need to dedicate time, effort, and work so that it yields the expected results. 

However, you should dedicate yourself to creating content, SEO positioning, gaining traffic, and ultimately all the tasks inherent to maintaining this type of digital space.


If you are undecided and do not know what to sell, a good option is Dropshipping. This trend consists of a retail sale where the retailer is in charge of selling the product but without owning it. As a kind of middle man, the retailer reaches an agreement with the wholesaler to send the product to the end customer. In this way, the retailer saves having the products in stock and the need to have a place to leave them. Dropshipping is simple, you only need to create a web page or virtual store where you can offer the products and take care of alerting the wholesaler when a customer makes a purchase.

Make money from blogging

Another idea for working from home is blogging. Yes, you can make money from blogging. There are many fashion blogs, food blogs, or business blogs, etc. They are bloggers who are gaining in popularity with what they write and who end up creating a loyal community that is very interesting for brands. If you like to write and have a passion for a specific topic that you know will be of interest, then you could dedicate yourself to writing a blog. 

Income-generating opportunities can come in the form of affiliate marketing and advertising on your website or from companies asking you to write a post about their products. For this, you have to bring traffic to your website through social networks, other blogs on the same topic that you can contact, SEO, etc.

Telemarketing/Customer service

Another type of work that can be done at home and has been growing as an option for large companies is telemarketing or customer service. Likely, you have already been answered on the phone by someone who was speaking from home. According to data from the Portable Work website, the sales area is the area where remote work is most used. This is due to the very nature of the work, where professionals are mostly in transit serving customers. 

The companies that took the lead in implementing this structural change in their commercial departments saw significant increases in sales. Always take into account that, like any other type of work at home, it is necessary to organize and maintain discipline if you want to be successful. The easiest way to find jobs of this type is by searching job sites like Indeed or Info jobs.


These are just some examples of businesses that you can start from home to earn money online during 2020 and with really-low investments. The idea behind this is that you can generate additional monthly income that will allow you to stabilize your finances, or even achieve your financial freedom in the short, medium, or long term.

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