Tips to follow to become a successful freelancer


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Perhaps the idea of ​​becoming a freelancer is hovering in your head, and it is very likely that doubts and insecurities also accompany that idea. And, being a freelancer today is no longer just about following the footsteps of others, but about innovating. 

Besides, it takes a lot of courage to take a turn in life and get rid of a stable job, even if it subjects you to a rigid schedule from Monday to Friday or more. Still, it provides you with security in aspects such as health, personal relationships, professional development, and the long-awaited salary with which you can support your expenses.

However, the reality is many people just want to discover ideas, experience new things, and achieve success by taking a leap of faith and leaving the comfort zone that a job provides. In fact, studies have found that most people are leaving their jobs to work independently. But not everything is easy, since sometimes professionals work twice as hard. Sometimes they don’t even know how to take advantage of the benefits of being a freelancer. Normally, it is a reality that is faced in the beginning; therefore, many of these people feel disoriented. 

Thus, to overcome all these drawbacks and achieve the objectives you have in mind, it is essential to draw a margin. So, here are some of these tips that are going to sound like common sense, but they may be the reminder you need to refine your work process. Take note of these tips to be a successful freelancer!

Create a website

This point is one of the most important. An online presence is essential if you want to advance as a professional freelancer. It is due to the competitive index that exists in the network, and consequently, it can be challenging to get the project that you have wanted so much. 

The advantage of a website is that you can always expose your work, and it will also help you with a professional and safe image. From there, your clients can give a good recommendation, which will be helpful for you to build a reputation. Besides, investing a little time and effort in the SEO of your page, you will be able to appear in better positions in the search engine, and you will reach more potential clients.

Always get a down payment

One of the biggest problems you often hear about freelance work is that you are not paid on time, or that the client torments you. To guarantee payment 100% of the time, you must request an initial payment. 

For all projects, you must demand 50% before starting any work. This should be made clear to the client in preliminary discussions and contracts. If the customer has a problem with this, then that should raise a red flag. Also, by requiring an advance, the project will not progress without it, so you will never risk a late payment again. After you’ve received the signed contract and down payment, you can feel ready to start the job. Then, before delivering any files, you must ask for the remaining payment. 

In other words, one of the tips to be a successful freelancer is to achieve a key piece: that the client is satisfied with the project and that he pays it in full. You must do this so that the client does not take the work done and then cancel the project. So before they have paid you in full, do not submit any high-resolution files or designs.

Go in search of customers

Without customers, there is no business. For those just starting, it is necessary to reach the public so that their work can be recognized. In this case, a good option is to attend events in your area: in addition to an opportunity to network and find partners, it can be a great place to prospect customers. 

Another possibility is to ask your friends for help, either to indicate it by word of mouth or by leaving business cards (perhaps in exchange for a small commission to encourage you). Finally, it may be interesting to invest in advertising. The important thing here is to always keep the cost-benefit in mind and also be very sure about the target audience for whom the piece will be directed.

Learn to negotiate

In addition to learning to sell, you must learn to negotiate. For example, when a client asks you for a discount for no reason, most freelancers tend to accept anything at any price, and no business can be sustained that way. 

You must maintain your prices even at the cost of losing customers because that will allow you to access higher-quality customers. And above all, because when you stand up, clients are not always going to say no. You are solely asserting your work, and you must explain the value of what you do and the benefits that the client will obtain.

Be attentive to feedback

Positive or negative, all feedback is valuable to freelancers because it helps them to recognize their strengths and also encourages them to improve themselves. Of course, in these situations, it takes a little bit of maturity to learn to listen to what you don’t like. S

how yourself available to know the opinion of your customers at all times, especially after the delivery of your demand. If they don’t say anything, be patient, and don’t be ashamed to ask. Often, the customer himself is not used to providing clear or constructive feedback. Remember that every successful freelancer has to deal with both pleasant and tough people. The ideal is to always put yourself in the customer’s shoes and not take any criticism personally. 

Finally, never go to great lengths to treat all your clients with assertiveness, even if they are not friendly or disapprove of your work. The successful freelancer always seeks to convey a positive impression to express self-confidence and be seen by his audience with more credibility.


It is not an immediate process, being a freelancer; you cannot expect great results within working a couple of days or weeks. It takes months to trigger a virtuous path in which your brand begins to position itself not only on Google but in the minds of people who are looking for a specific professional for their commitment.

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