Main e-commerce trends you should know in 2020


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Knowing the main e-commerce trends in 2020 are essential for any company that wants to continue selling in the online environment because, it is not sold in the same way now as 5 years ago. Therefore, if you do not adapt to these trends, your digital store will suffer. 

Globally, the figures show that e-commerce adoption is already a reality. On average, 74% of Internet users aged 16-64 have made a digital purchase in the past month. These are data from the Global Digital Overview 2020. 

With this data in mind, many brands are looking for information on e-commerce trends in 2020 that can help them reach more users. So, here are some of the e-commerce trends in 2020 that are taken into account by the main e-commerce worldwide to continue improving:

Attraction for video content

One of the biggest e-commerce trends for 2020 is the use of videos, as one of the digital marketing tools has grown over time. Today, most of the consumers don’t have time to crawl an entire page to find out about a product. Thus, customers prefer a 2 or 3 minute video that provides them the necessary information about the product. 

A Wyzowl survey revealed interesting data on this point. The survey was conducted with both marketing professionals and consumers, with each respondent being approached according to these two profiles. The report shows that in 2019, 81% of companies used videos to improve their dissemination strategies. In the previous year, the percentage had been 63%. Besides, on average, people spend 1.5 hours a day viewing content in this format.

Real time responses via AI or Chatbots

Customers love it when they get responses on time or as quickly as possible. That’s why most online stores already have chatbots or AI-based systems. In terms of responding to customers, chatbots are useful for this. The use of the chatbot can be used for common queries and for making complaints. 

When it comes to managing inventory or running processes, AI assistants can be helpful. From a business perspective, this can help entrepreneurs reduce manpower hours. However, this can still be defective at times. It is still essential for someone to see through the processes.

Cryptocurrencies and new payment methods

You’ve probably heard of blockchain, one of the most popular technological innovations in recent years that allow you to securely encrypt data without the need for a central point of control. It was through blockchain that the well-known cryptocurrency called Bitcoin 


Due to the interest of many companies in blockchain research, this is one of the great e-commerce trends of 2020. Some of its advantages are payment security, fast and efficient data processing, and increased speed of transactions online. Given that e-commerce will benefit in the future from greater customer confidence in this cryptocurrency, the stores that authorize them as a form of payment will consequently be faster, work better and offer their customers better shopping experience.

Voice Command Purchases

Call Alexa, Ok Google or Siri, the advent of voice command technology is gradually making inroads into the e-commerce landscape to highlight the convenience feature for consumers. The past year has seen an increase in the use of voice commands for shopping; however, the year 2020 will have a significant adoption of voice command technology, which will make it necessary for entrepreneurs to incorporate this technology into their mobile e-commerce applications. 

This is just a small scenario for the growing popularity of voice commands. In the future, with the increasing rate of adoption of voice assistant devices, forget about cell phones, these voice assistants will be the real rulers, who will determine the sales of your e-commerce business.


Undoubtedly, new technologies will make commerce a unique experience for all consumers worldwide. Today, we can see a little of that panorama that we will have in the future. It is up to companies to add new trends to their e-commerce and provide a better experience to customers.

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