Mompreneur: tips to achieve balance in personal and professional life


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One of the biggest dilemmas that women face after becoming a mother is how to balance career and motherhood. Beat the blame for not being able to be present in the child’s life all the time, beat the charge to earn more money, everything gets blurred and exhausting. It seems that it is no longer possible to succeed in your career while being a great mother. 

Some feel like taking a professional turn, changing careers because motherhood makes a review of everything in life and even your role in society.  And, some are already entrepreneurs, but can’t get their business off the ground by being divided between the roles of mother and businesswoman and end up being consumed by the tasks of personal life and not putting the necessary focus on business.

 If you are one of those entrepreneurial mothers, who is finding it difficult to reconcile the challenges of professional life along with motherhood. Then we guarantee that you are reading the right post it will be helpful for your mompreneur journey.

Don’t get lost in your work

When you turn on your computer, it is very tempting to go straight away to check your emails or to want to respond to comments. 

Do not do it!! 

Your time is precious, and to be efficient, you must focus on your task at hand for the day before doing anything else. If you have time left after your work is done, then you can respond to requests from others or post something on your social networks. If not, don’t worry: these little tasks don’t require a lot of time, and you can easily do them during your day as soon as you have 5 minutes free.

Accept that you can’t do everything

If you want you can be the mother who works, who does the housework, who cooks, who does the shopping, who is the driver, who does everything. However, over time you will never be able to manage everything, and you have to accept it without feeling guilty. This is not a question of your abilities or your qualities, it’s just a reality. It doesn’t matter from where you work, whether it’s home or away, it takes mental and physical energy. So don’t try to do everything but try to do well according to your possibilities. 

The goal is to avoid falling into the “Burn out Mom”. Realize that to be able to care for others; first of all, you must take care of yourself, your physical and mental health is important.

Get in touch with other entrepreneurial mothers

If you manage to form a network with other mothers who already have experience in the task of managing a business and home, then you can benefit from their knowledge. They will help you solve certain problems and can even put you in contact with certain suppliers or employees so that you can manage out your idea. 

Also, it is essential that you feel a passion for what you do. It is likely that at least while you are establishing or starting, you will have to work very hard to get your business off the ground. Passion and motivation are what will allow you to balance long hours at work with taking care of your children and be successful in both tasks.

Make the most of technology

You can work from home while the baby sleeps or entertains with a toy next to you. You can monitor your child in real-time with a camera or video call. Make sure you have all the necessary tools available to make your routine simpler, and you can meet your goals in the best possible way. For example, if you are at home and need to make a purchase, you can use online sales platforms to save time and continue working from the comfort of your home.

Concluding thoughts

The bad comes when there is no balance, and the structure wobbles. One voice urges you to be superwomen, and another voice drags you into your inner world. You become rag dolls who are pulled by both arms. 

Think enough and feel what you want to achieve in life. For a moment, breathe, close your eyes. Yes, you can assume all your roles, all your responsibilities, but calmly think about the value you want to give to each one of them.

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