How Artificial Intelligence is changing the game of Digital Marketing in 2021


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As Artificial Intelligence continues to advance, so will the ability to use it to improve digital marketing strategies and also to provide valuable customer information for businesses. With the ability to collect data, analyze it, apply it, and then learn from it, AI is transforming digital strategies. 

As you continue to move forward, so will the ability to use it to improve digital marketing strategies and provide valuable customer insights for businesses. It is indicated that artificial intelligence is indispensable in future digital products, especially in the field of digital marketing. From the movie “The Matrix” to Google’s artificial intelligence, from Siri to Tesla’s car, more and more companies are implementing artificial intelligence in digital marketing for their businesses. 

Artificial intelligence is changing the future of digital marketing.

Artificial intelligence in marketing insights

Customer service & Chatbots

AI plays an important role in optimizing customer satisfaction in several phases. Social listening is the process of tracking consumer conversations on social media and online about your brand, which includes comments, experiences, and reviews. AI has helped brands deal with huge amounts of data. It even includes recognizing images featuring your brand logo, and smart extraction of relevant conversations. AI is also used for voice authentication to verify customers and speed up the support process by bypassing the security and password process.

Content automation

In the digital marketing industry, content is “King”. The AI helps marketers to play two roles: Automating the creation of content, content curation, and dissemination. Content creation using NLG (natural language generation), is a process that automatically generates content from data. The marketer will choose the type of content, subject, and number of words, and data to use. AI-driven platforms such as the NLG then use an algorithm to produce unique articles. The content produced will simulate human-written content, saving the company time and money. For example, the Washington Post has published more than 850 articles written by Heliograf, its author on AI-driven robots. 

Content curation is the process of collecting quality published articles and spinning the content while adding your own opinion. AI has not only made it possible to automate the process of collecting content but also to personalize it according to the intended audience. AI is harvesting social media activities, engagement, and interactions across the web.

Predict customer behavior

Marketers no longer develop strategies to meet customer needs and want based solely on their understanding, but instead relying on hard data and information. AI, and more specifically deep learning, has enabled marketers to not only analyze but also accurately predict future customer behaviors. 

This is possible because of the availability of big data. Businesses are now able to sort through huge, detailed data like customer interactions, likes, and dislikes to identify the different metrics that pinpoint a user’s behavior. They then turn those results into actionable information to connect with their consumers at a deeper level and predict their future actions. The ability of machine learning to provide real-time predictive analytics combined with continuous learning is having a huge impact on digital marketing.


If you are a digital marketer it is important to understand how to use this technology ethically. AI-powered tools will become increasingly common and extremely useful when it comes to analyzing and forecasting the consumer’s journey. 

You do not need to be an artificial intelligence expert, as this is a very complex and math-based resource, but you must have a solid understanding of how AI will be incorporated into marketing activities to shape your strategy.

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