Is your company ready for resuming business from office?


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The world is still going through one of humanity’s greatest health crises, which should last a few more months. The fact is that the economic impacts of Covid-19 are part of the “new normal”, that is, the entire society will have to adapt to this new reality for the future, adjusting processes and even habits. This is because, even after the vaccine, the virus will continue to circulate for some time. 

Given this new scenario, companies must adapt to resume activities with the least possible impact on health, preserving the health of their customers, employees, and partners in general. Thus, how to prepare yourself and your company for the resumption of activities? To help you, we’ve put together this article with some helpful tips. Follow, continue!

Pay attention to local legislation 

The state and municipal governments have the autonomy to establish decrees that authorize the resumption of activities according to the reality of each place, considering the analysis of the number of cases, available beds, and other guidelines. Besides, the municipalities are in charge of inspecting the establishments and have the autonomy to close them in case of non-compliance with the regulations and sanitary health requirements. 

A good piece of advice is to follow the websites and social networks of the State Government and the City Councils. If your company operates in more than one city or state, you should be careful, because what matters is the legislation where each unit is located. It is also important to know the federal regulations on resuming business.

Adapt the business model 

Many companies are readjusting their performance, using technology as an ally to communicate and sell at a time, when several businesses are closed. To do this, they use social networks, make video conferences and use electronic commerce platforms to sell their products and services. All of this is changing the way different organizations work. This movement gains strength with the adhesion of customers to these online platforms. Therefore, it is necessary to be vigilant and take advantage of opportunities, which also generate sales and reduce costs and expenses with the operation, since infrastructure spending can be eliminated or drastically reduced.

Comply with pollution prevention rules 

It is essential to be aware of the regulations issued by the health authorities to contain the spread of the virus, such as: making alcohol gel available at the company’s facilities, measuring the temperature of those who enter the establishment, and ensuring social distance. Remember that people’s health should come first.

Automate processes through technology 

It is essential to have technological tools that can optimize time and facilitate processes. In this sense, the Microsoft Teams platform is a great solution for making video calls with the remote team and tracking employee progress. Technology can help and make decision-making more and more precise so that there are no economic losses. 

As we have seen throughout this reading, the “new normal” requires some adaptations and changes in the business environment. Additionally, the quarantine period spread digital culture, making the use of technological tools increasingly necessary to improve business processes.

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