Mohammed Albisimi: A Hobbyist turned entrepreneur set to redefine the gaming life


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Mohammed Albisimi, Founder & Managing Director, True Gaming

“Happy is the man who can make a living by his hobby”- George Bernard Shaw. The famous precept penned down by the great Victorian author G.B. Shaw holds true even today. One who works towards his passion does not necessarily feel the rigors of hard work. He enjoys what he does. The story of the eminent entrepreneur Mohammed Albisimi, founder-CEO of True Gaming, once again reminds us of Shaw’s thought-provoking statement. A game nerd since childhood, Md. Albisimi was always inclined to change his passion into a full-time profession. This innate drive urged him to create a gaming website called True Gaming and a Gaming community in the MENA region.

Incept of True Gaming

With the upsurge of technological advancement, the video gaming industry has a dazzling prospect. Contrary to the accepted notion that gaming is an activity confined to young netizens only, today everybody, from toddlers to teens and beyond, takes an avid interest in playing video games. Keeping pace with its worldwide demand, Mohammed Albisimi has designed his gaming website with the intent to provide an immersive gaming experience to audience from all age groups, across the world. In its infancy, True Gaming had only one website of its own but today as a result of its skyrocketing success, the company has a wide range of gaming platforms and social media channels. They are estimated to exceed 450 million viewers of pages and videos across their website and social media platforms like Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. This is approximately 350% higher than its 2020 number.

Mission and Vision of True Gaming

Starting as a small community of gamers, today, True Gaming has blossomed into a full-fledged gaming website. But it had never been an easy task for Mohammed Albisimi to choose a unique niche like gaming and devote himself fully to it until he reached the height of success and popularity. It was his unflinching faith in himself, and indomitable passion that induced him to take the bold decision of stepping into this galaxy of gamers.

With his extensive knowledge in this sector and a vast experience spanning over 19 years, the entrepreneur, apart from creating game content, Albisimi has also proved his versatility as a business man by arranging various gaming events and conventions on digital platforms. True Gaming is working with big names like Jarir Bookstore, the largest retailer in the region, as their social media content creator. Md. Albisimi was the first entrepreneur to pioneer e-sports on a global scale and he also launched several competitions between 2007 and 2011. The vision of the entrepreneur could be encapsulated in his own words, “As the National Strategy of Gaming was announced in Saudi we are aiming to expand and grow to become the biggest private sector gaming company in the region”.

Distinguishing culture of the company

At True gaming, people may come from diverse groups and join their network. But what binds them together is the magic spell of gaming. Mohammed Albisimi meticulously chooses each of his members who is driven by the common interest of gaming and hence inspired into making a difference. A business can touch the highest point of success when the mission of its owner perfectly blends with the passion of his employees. This builds a strong team spirit, which can effortlessly lead to a positive outcome. “This motivated all of us to work together and achieve all the great things we did. It also fuels us for the future and the growth that this region is witnessing when it comes to the game industry”, proclaims the leader.

Virtues of a true leader

Beneath the stern exterior of an astute business leader, Mohammed Albisimi treasures the heart of a compassionate human being, who believes in growing and advancing together with his team, both as a businessman and as a human being. His words speak clearly of his empathy towards his workers, “I want them to have as good of a life as mine”. As a proficient leader, he is one who never fails to identify the strongest qualities of his workers and acknowledge their hidden talents. He helps them to flourish in the best possible manner. The flexibility of the leader gets noticed in his speech where he contemplates his responsibility as an entrepreneur, “Everyone is different and it’s ok for all of us to take different paths”. At True gaming, Mohammed makes sure to maintain a positive, harmonious, and result-driven atmosphere so that workers may sustain themselves in a highly competitive, fast-paced market.

Exciting plans for tomorrow

In a technology-ridden society, conventional gaming is no more in vogue. High-resolution video games with 3D technology, metaverse-style experience, and impressive graphics have become everyone’s cup of Joe and that has also added substantial revenue in the market. Both the Government and private investors are coming forward to promote this industry. At True Gaming, Mohammed Albisimi vows to bring the most innovative, best-in-class gaming experience to millions of his users. “I spent my life working in this industry and I want to be a difference maker when it comes to the gaming industry going forward”, asserts the leader.

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