Selvarathinam Perumal: The Real Display of Indomitable Spirit


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Selvarathinam Perumal, Co-Founder & Director, Cloud Desk technology LLC

Perseverance is one powerful trait that entrepreneurs need to nurture to run successful businesses in tumultuous times. Although it may seem that some people are gifted with high levels of perseverance, the reality is anybody who has a burning desire to build remarkable businesses can develop perseverance with time and practice. Selvarthinam Perumal, the founder of Cloud Desk technology, is one exemplary entrepreneur who has reached where he is today with his perseverance, determination, and tenacity. 

Selvarthinam’s story can inspire confidence in people as it’s a common man’s transition from an employee to an entrepreneur through developing powerful traits that are crucial to thrive in today’s business world. Unlike many new-age entrepreneurs who give up when they are confronted with failures and unforeseen results, Selvarthinam kept on going even after the failure of his first three startups until he found success with Cloud Desk technology. 

For Selvarthinam, entrepreneurship has always been a journey and not a destination. He started as an employee working a typical 9-5 job in the IT industry. But, Selvarthinam had a strong longing to create a legacy of his own that he would be proud about. He escaped the 9-5 matrix, wore the entrepreneurial hat, and decided to live his dream. After three failed start-ups and ten years of toil, he built Cloud Desk technology with a great deal of diligence and unwavering passion for entrepreneurship, “Entrepreneurship taught me what life exactly is and made me face it with creativity and confidence,” affirms Selvarthinam.

 Displaying Leadership; Laying Foundation

Selvarthinam started his company with two employees and no clients. He had to fight all the odds and overcome all the impediments to establish his company in Dubai which is famous for stiff competition among businesses. But one of the unique challenges he faced was convincing not only the customers but also his employees of the company’s capability, confidence, and willingness to hear them out. As a visionary leader responsible for steering the brand forward, he made his heartfelt efforts in convincing and taking into confidence both his employees and customers alike, making them understand that Cloud Desk Technology exists to make their lives easy and smooth. 

Although the initial stages had their fair share of challenges, Selvarthinam never compromised on providing a flexible and comfortable environment to work in and being supportive to the customer while delivering quality service at every touch point. The company’s efforts paid off when one of the clients entrusted them with small work to showcase their capability. The team at Cloud Desk Technology was desperately waiting for an opportunity to show their commitment. They embraced the challenge and delivered the work on time meeting the expectations of the customer and thereby earning their trust of them. Not only did this instance spread the word about the company, but it also established the rise of the avid leader that helms Cloud Desk Technology.

Happy Customers; Positive Work Culture

Cloud Desk Technology grew from two employees to fifty employees in three years. Fifteen plus happy customers and employees that identify themselves as a family became Cloud Desk Technology’s valuable assets. The company was also acknowledged for their quality of work and received awards such as Certificate of Appreciation 2020-2019 from Global Village and Certificate of Appreciation 2020-2021from Global Village consecutively.

“We are a Salesforce-focused organization with a combined industry experience of 17 years with all our employees being 100% certified on the Salesforce,” asserts Selvarathinam. Today, Cloud Desk Technology has become an organization that customers trust for their services. And we can attribute the success of the company to its growth culture established by Selvarthinam. “We listen to our employees just like the way we listen to our customers. We engage them at every level and make sure they feel at home right from day 1. Our Employees are recognized for their work and also are supported when the chips are down,” elucidates Selvarthinam.

Clear Vision for Future

Selvarathinam has envisioned a promising future for Cloud Desk Technology and their employees.“We anticipate three technological trends to spur change. The primary competencies that will help businesses to rethink their IT environment  as they go through enterprise transformation include data services, redesigning CRM, and DevOps technologies, ” tells Selvarthinam. The company’s primary focus is on CRM and real estate firms who wish to update their platform and redesign with a user and user-experience friendly-approach. Going forward, Cloud Desk Technology will provide more assistance with the implementation of Data Services and Salesforce CRM in the manufacturing and retail industries. “Additionally, we intend to implement technological methods that will help employees develop their skill sets,” concludes Selvarathinam. 

Selvarthinam’s entrepreneurial journey has gone through highs and lows. But, his perseverance, tenacity, and determination helped him bring his vision to life despite the initial setbacks and challenges. And he is indeed an inspiration to everyone who wants to transition from employee to entrepreneur and create a legacy on its own. 


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