Trends Driving The Future Of Working Women


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Technological innovation, demographic changes, environmental challenges, and social movements are driving profound changes in the workplace. Almost half of the world’s workforce is composed of women, and they contribute significantly to economic and social development. According to one study, women, particularly mothers, and senior women, are more likely to consider leaving the workforce or slowing down their careers during this time. 

That’s why the future of working women is an important topic that has been discussed for years. Understanding how automation and other technological advancements will affect women in the workplace in the coming years is important. While our uncertain and complex world makes it hard to predict the future of women, they can respond positively if they can sense the changes. Continue reading this article to learn about the trends driving working women’s future.

The Trends Driving the Future of working women

Women must navigate the future of work opportunities and challenges. The following trends will affect a lot of women at work.

  •  The Automation of jobs will continue

This type of trend will present new challenges for all employees, but especially for women. According to a report, women account for more than 70% of clerical support workers on average, and they account for more than 40% in emerging economies. Automation will initially replace administrative, clerical, and unskilled jobs.

Some experts assume that automation will create new jobs and increase productivity, while others worry that it will displace workers and exacerbate income inequality. Undoubtedly, automation will have significant implications for the future of work, regardless of how things shake out. Unless the future of work for women starts upgrading their own skill sets, they will face substantial job losses.

  •  B2B sales landscapes will favour women

Typically, women excel at different capabilities in sales, such as connecting and shaping solutions. They gain even more power as remote sales use video and digital channels, allowing them to use their emotional intelligence and communication skills. Women should be confident in their abilities and demonstrate their worth to customers. It also encourages women to seek mentors and sponsors who can assist them in growing their careers and overcoming obstacles.

The future of working women in sales will focus more on building long-term relationships, having an emotional connection, and collaborating. This matches the new buyer profile perfectly. The B2B sales landscape has been shifting in ways that favour women in sales roles.

  •  Entrepreneurship will become simpler

Some data shows that women entrepreneurs now make up 43% of all business owners in the world. There are a variety of reasons why more women should work in business in the future. Entrepreneurship education is easily accessible, with many companies and educational institutions focusing on female entrepreneurs.

Many women in the workplace previously needed more role models and mentors. Globally, women entrepreneurs now have access to a strong community that encourages programmes that support them. Currently, there are mentors, coaches, and role models who can guide, inspire, influence, and educate them for their businesses. More funding options will encourage more women to enter the industry.

  •  STEM careers will see growth

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. According to a report, women are STEM’s future. They are rising in all industries, particularly in the technology sector. Women are already succeeding in areas such as people management and project management. There will be a shift in the gender makeup of tech due to the business sector’s recognition of women, and economic factors will drive patterns in the gender makeup of tech.

Women must recognise the value of pursuing STEM careers. The STEM sector is expected to be the future of work for women and encourage many more women to apply for jobs. So, in socially conditioned gender-based work, it is about time women embrace this unconventional career path that is not driven.

Closing Thoughts

As a lot of people say, “The future is women”. No matter the future of work trends for women, the main point to keep in mind is to keep upgrading yourself. Do not settle for the status quo, continue to invest in yourself and follow the future trends: automation on the job, B2B sales landscape in favour of women, new energy in the forties, making entrepreneurship simpler, and STEM careers growing.

Name: Sweta Kumari Panda

About the author: Sweta is an SEO content writer from Brahampur, Odisha, but currently lives in Bangalore. She is doing an internship in Digital Marketing and writing content for the leadership category. She graduated from Brahampur University in 2016 and has a degree in Mathematics (Hons).

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