Women Quitting Their Jobs To Start Their Entrepreneurship


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Women can succeed in every field when they have opportunities. They are passionate about what they do. However, there is a significant shift from corporate occupations to entrepreneurship. As a result, women are increasingly focused on starting their own businesses and setting up their businesses while resigning from high-paying corporate jobs. 

According to a study, women-owned companies are increasing daily, and more women are venturing into business than ever before. Since 2020, women have started at least 47% of new businesses, up from 29% prior to the pandemic. Working for yourself as an entrepreneur implies that you have complete control over your professional life and can pursue your passion. Continue reading to learn why women leave corporate jobs to start their own businesses.

The reasons why women leave corporate jobs to start their own businesses

Women have been leaving corporate jobs to start their own businesses for a variety of reasons. Among the most important reasons are: 

  • For Flexibility and Freedom

Being your own boss allows you schedule flexibility that a corporate job does not provide. Because a 9-to-5 job requiring a strict routine and schedule does not benefit most women, who require flexibility due to gender-based responsibilities, This is required, especially for female entrepreneurs, whose first priority is their family. They are obligated to give their time and follow the company rules for the organization. As a result of this flexibility, women quit their jobs and started their own businesses in order to gain more control over their time. That is why a woman’s freedom of choice, drive, and passion can help her feel at ease in entrepreneurship.

  • For their better future

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the business landscape is transforming. Women are now playing an essential role in shaping their future as well as in industry. As women gain more power and influence in the industry, they will be able to bring new ideas and innovations with them. Greater gender equality promotes the development of new products, services, and businesses in various industries.

Under-represented talent in organizations that pride themselves on diversity and inclusion often occupies dead-end roles with little opportunity for development or advancement. Due to the lack of career advancement in high-risk jobs, which are prone to automation and elimination, women start their own businesses and secure a brighter future. 

  • To Follow their passion

One of the important characteristics of an entrepreneur is passion. Having a passion is one thing, but turning it into a career is not easy. Sometimes you don’t quite feel fulfilled or happy in your current career. Many women are leaving corporate jobs because the jobs are just not inspiring to them anymore. Starting your own business allows you to find meaning and gives you the ability to leave behind a legacy that you can be proud of. To be truly successful, you need to find work that you’re passionate about.

  • To Earn Fair Compensation

One of the primary reasons women quit their jobs and start their own businesses is to get paid what they deserve. It enables women to run their own businesses and profit from them. Entrepreneurship gives women a brighter and more secure future. Women who are successful in their businesses are more confident, and they have no fear of being criticised. They can generate as much or as little revenue as they desire. There is no limit and, most emphatically, no compensation cap. Due to the fact that women seldom receive salary raises and bonuses in corporate employment, many women earn less than they are worth or their market value.

Closing Thoughts 

It can be difficult to start a new business. It is risky and nerve-racking, but it is also rewarding. Many women prioritize starting their own businesses, demonstrating superior abilities, and creating an inclusive work environment. In addition, they are more adaptable and successful as business owners.  Entrepreneurship allows career women to put their skills to use, showcase their decision-making abilities, and strengthen their leadership abilities, which explains why many women quit their jobs and start their own businesses. The world needs more female entrepreneurs who can inspire a new generation of young female entrepreneurs.

Name: Sweta Kumari Panda

About the author: Sweta is an SEO content writer from Brahampur, Odisha, but currently lives in Bangalore. She is doing an internship in Digital Marketing and writing content for the leadership category. She graduated from Brahampur University in 2016 and has a degree in Mathematics (Hons).

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