investing in Gulf countries

Why other continent entrepreneurs are investing in Gulf countries?

The political economy of the Gulf region, that was known for its conservative and stagnant economic practices has undergone a massive transformation since 2015. What happened in 2015 that forced these nations that were rather economically stable and resistant to change to adopt radically new approaches?  2015 saw unprecedented drop in oil prices across the […]

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How gulf business landscape is booming post pandemic

How gulf business landscape is booming post pandemic?

Economic slowdowns have often been followed by economic boom in the past. The collective push towards making lives better and pulling the economy back from the trenches results in a spurt of growth. The COVID pandemic is no different. Midway in to the pandemic , we are witnessing very early signs of recovery and growth. […]

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Business Globally

A Step-by-Step Guide to Expanding Your Business Globally

Businesses are interconnecting the world markets in unprecedented ways. It is only natural for entrepreneurs and leaders to want to expand their businesses to greater shores in hopes of further growth. Globalizing a business has obvious benefits but if approached without caution, the prospects are quite brittle. We are in a time where globalizing is […]

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Workplace Diversity

The Importance of Workplace Diversity and How to Get it Right

In the current times, there is hardly anyone who refutes the social tolerance of diversity. Apart from being a societal tenet, diversity in the workforce is believed to lead a business to greater shores. It was ranked among the top seven key workplace trends in 2020. Also, many researchers including McKinsey & co proved that […]

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management style

What does your management style say about you?

Healthy, effective and inclusive management is an integral part of the growth of a business or a firm. We no longer live in a world defined by autocracy and power concentrated in a singe hand. Therefore, management styles have come to evolve and become more democratic and less hierarchical through the times. However, we rarely […]

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Gold mine for Entrepreneurs

The Gulf: A gold mine for Entrepreneurs

The Gulf, consisting of seven nations- Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, has been known in the business world for what it produces best- oil. Oil export has been the major source of income for these countries and has dominated their businesses and policies for decades. Although It made these […]

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Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Bubbling with Entrepreneurial Opportunities: What are the sectors to invest in?

The middle-east had been facing economic slow-down along with outdated policies for a long time. The project of recovering and revitalising the economy realised the role of entrepreneurship as key in bringing about growth and innovation. Entrepreneurship was actively adopted as the change maker. Though it is still in its formative years in the gulf […]

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Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Choose Dubai for Business

6 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Choose Dubai for Business

It is an established fact that Dubai is an ideal place for startups and entrepreneurs. With its accelerators and strategically designed opportunities for organizations, the advantages of establishing your business in Dubai are innumerable. The city has transformed itself into a global trading hub and ultimate investment destination in many sectors of the economy. Dubai […]

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